Thursday, September 16, 2010

Add Shutdown Extension to Right Click Tools

The Right Click Tools version 2.0 does not come with the shutdown option for client machine. I added an extension into the tools which will call up the vbscript to shutdown the selected computer.

You can download the files here.

1. Download shutdown.vbs and place it to installation directory of Configuration Manager\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Tools folder.
2. Download eshutdown.xml and replace the existing files under installation directory of Configuration Manager \AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions folder.
*There are two folders containing eshutdown.xml file, please search through the folders and replace the file.

Please close and re-open the SCCM console in order the shutdown extension to take effect.

Now you can right click on a machine, select Shutdown Tools, and click Shutdown to shutdown the selected machine.

Cheers =)

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