Friday, December 6, 2013

SCCM AI General License Reconciliation Report

Below is the SCCM report under Asset Intelligence, License 15A - General license reconciliation report. By default, the report will show the information as below. Product Name, Version, Licensed Quantity, Inventory Count, and Difference. Besides that, according to TechNet, the report can also show other information such as, Publisher, Language, PONumber, ResellerName, DateOfPurchase, SupportPurchased, SupportExpirationDate, and Comments.


I added the DateOfPurchase and SupportPurchased into my .csv file as below but nothing the info doesn’t appear in the report.

You must be curious why after I added the extra information into the .csv file but nothing appear in the report. This is because the default report don’t query the extra information. How sad!!!

Stay tuned… My next post I’ll show the guide on modify the report to show the extra information.

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