Monday, March 6, 2017

Windows 10, v1507 End of Servicing?

Windows 10 has already with us for some time, coming to 2 years in July 2017. There are 3 build/version since Windows 10 released, v1507, v1511, v1607. Many people asked which build/version should I install? I would answer the latest. That is not because the latest has improvement or new feature set. It is simply because I want to ensure that the Windows keeps receiving its security and critical patches. If you interested on what’s new on every new Windows 10 release.

Yes, according to this site, Windows 10, v1507 end of servicing will be occur in May 2017. End of servicing simply means that Microsoft will not provide security and critical patches to Windows 10, v1507 from May 2017 onwards.

Plan now and move forward with SCCM!!!

WIndows 10 Servicing


  1. oh this is timely news for all computer users and IT persons. well, i don't know which version i am using as i haven't checked it yet. But now, i will check it. your post is already shared.