Saturday, October 23, 2010

XP to Windows 7 Migration Using MDT 2010 Part 1 | Sysprep and Capture Reference Machine

In Part 1 of XP to Windows 7 migration, I'll be showing you on how to Sysprep and Capture your reference machine using MDT 2010. Please get your reference machine ready before you begin.

First, you'll need to import the operating system that you used for your reference machine. For my case, I'll import Windows 7 Enterprise x86 from my dvd.

Right click on the Operating System and select Import Operating System on the menu

On the OS Type, select Full set of source files then click Next

Browse to the DVD drive and click OK, followed by Next

Enter the destination name and then click Next

Click Next on the Summary

Now, you have imported the OS from the DVD. Next, you'll be create a task sequence to sysprep and capture the reference image.

Right click on the Task Sequence and click New Task Sequence

Enter the Task sequence ID and Task sequence name, click Next

Click on the arrow and select Sysprep and Capture on the drop down menu

Select the OS you imported just now

Leave the default selection and click Next

Click Next after you finished entered your information

Select Do not specify an Administrator password at this time, and then click Next

Click Next on the Summary

You have just created a Sysprep and Capture task sequence. Next, you need update the deployment share.

Right click on the MDT Deployment Share and click Update Deployment Share on the menu

Leave the default option and click Next
Click Next on the Summary page

Click Finish after the process completed

Before proceed to the next step, pleace make sure the Rules and Bootstrap.ini are the same as below.

Next, we will run the Sysprep and Capture task sequence in the reference machine. There are two ways of doing it, you can either use the script file or use the LiteTouchPE boot image. We will be using the script method.

On the reference machine, open command prompt and enter cscript \\path_to_your_deploymentshare$\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf

Select the Sysprep and Capture task sequence you created

Select the first option, Create an image of this reference machine. You can rename the file name if you want. Click Next once you done.

Enter the credentials that can connect to the network shares and then click Next

Click Begin to start the process

After you click begin, the reference machine will run the sysprep task first. And then it will boot into WinPE and create the .wim file in the captures folder under DeploymentShare$.

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