Thursday, July 7, 2011

OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80244007. Scan failed with error = 0x80244007

I bumped into this error today and I was scratching my head to troubleshoot the error. I have done the WSUS client diagnostic test, turned off the firewall, make sure there are no GPO overwriting the WU server.

Finally I found a similar case which discussed in the forum. The discussion says that the Windows Update ”Target Group” is enabled and corrupted. Therefore, I refer the registry (HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate) of those good computers and do a comparison. I found out that those good computers doesn’t have the “Target Group” registry key and hence I delete it from the bad computers. Bravo~!!! it works afterward. =)

Lastly, I found out that those bad computers were managed by Windows Intune. Windows Intune did patch management and this is the reason why those computers failed with the error 0x80244007.

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  1. Hi Hau, thanks for your blog as always. I recently had the same problem. While couldn't find the same key as what you'd mentioned, the following seems to be handy ->

    hope this helps !