Thursday, August 13, 2015

Microsoft Intune Managed Apps – Multi-identity

As of today, there are total of 18 Microsoft Apps (iOS + Android)  that you can use with Microsoft Intune mobile application management (MAM) policies. Some apps support multi-identity, some not. What is multi-identity? shows you the list of Microsoft Apps that support MAM.


You’ll notice behind some of the apps have the * labelled, which means it is a multi-identity apps. Let me explain my experience on that:

I’ve deployed Word and OneNote to my IPad. Both applied with the default MAM policy.

First example, I did the testing with OneNote on iOS, without * labelled. It pops up for pin for using the apps and restrict copy and paste to local apps like notepad.

Second example, I test with Word on iOS. It doesn’t pops me pin for using the apps and never restrict me from copy and paste to local apps. BUT!!! After I saved or open a document from corporate drive like OneDrive or Sharepoint, it will restrict me to copy and paste to local drive.

I hope the examples above help to clarify what’s multi-identity.

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