Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solving Restriction Error To Folder In Virtual Environment a.k.a Bubble

Above is the error I have troubleshoot for few days. The application fail to launch because it require to write a file into the Q drive. This is not a problem for user inside App-V administrators group. Therefore the application must run as an user inside the administrator group for normal user. Below is the method that I tried but not successful.

I have tried to put in a vb script which will launch the application as an administrator during the sequencing. Unfortunately, the script is looking for the physical path instead of the virtual path. Here is the vb script I used:

Option explicit
Dim oShell
set oShell= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
'Replace the path with the program you wish to run c:\program files...
oShell.Run "RunAs /noprofile /user:testing\administrator ""Q:\Toad\TOAD.EXE"""
WScript.Sleep 100
'Replace the string --> yourpassword~ with the
'password used on your system. Include the tilde "~"
oShell.Sendkeys "P@ssw0rd~"

After I realized that the script will look for the physical path, I got my second thought to modify the script to launch the application in physical path. Changed the 5th row to oShell.Run "RunAs /noprofile /user:testing\administrator ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe /launch Toad for Oracle 9.0.1""". Still it is not working with an error saying that the App-V Client could not launch the application like the picture below.

Finally, I found the remedy. =) I disabled the security description during the sequencing like the picture below. If this setting is enabled, permission to the desired folder will copied to the bubble. Therefore causing the restriction error for normal user. For more information regarding this setting, you can refer to this.

Lastly, I still felt that the second method I used can be successful. I'm still working on it, stay tuned for futher updates. Have a nice day =)

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