Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Past due – Will be installed

Today I helped this new customer to deploy the Microsoft RMS Sharing App and Azure Information Protection Client to a couple of pilot computers. The deployment is deployed as Required, as soon as possible, and installation can be performed outside maintenance window.

Both applications get downloaded in the ccmcache, ContentTransferManager.log and DataTransferService.log showed download is completed. However, the Software Center showed the status as Past due – Will be installed.

So I did additional check on the computer client status, it is Approved, No Block, Not Obsolete, Active, Receiving Policy, and so on. I even restarted the targeted computer.

With luck, I found the answer in Technet forum, which is the setting in Computer Agent. “Additional software manages the deployment of applications and software updates”


The setting was set to Yes, which the default setting is No. According to Microsoft:


“If you select this option when neither of these conditions apply, software updates and required applications will not install on clients.”


I asked them changed the setting back to default No. And then ran Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle on the targeted computer. Both applications get installed automatically as expected. Enjoy!!

Credits to st.kristobal,