Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Video/Graphics/Display Driver Not Applied During OSD

This is the second times I faced this problem. The first time was OSD Windows Server 2008, and I’m not bother it because server doesn’t need high graphics utilization. But this time I’m OSD Windows 7. =)

As usual, I installed all the drivers, updates, and application to the reference machine before I capture it. Funny things happened, the display driver is not applied after the OSD completed. Hence I import the display drivers to SCCM, modified the Task Sequence to “auto Apply Drivers” and redo the OSD. Same things happened again, the display drivers are not applied.

Then I found this thread, I followed the marked answer and it WORKS!!!!!!!

What I’ve done?

  • I add a new Driver Packages that points to the display driver
  • Removed the “auto Apply Drivers” step in the Task Sequence
  • Add the “Apply Driver Package” step after the “Apply Network Settings” step

BTW, the display driver is “Intel(R) HD Graphics Family” chipset.

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