Friday, March 16, 2012

Capture Win7 SP1 with capture media failed with 0x80070032

This is the first time I encounter this error during the image capturing. I’ve read several forums and articles and most of them saying that you will got this error if your SCCM server is below version SP2. But for my case, my customer SCCM server is currently at Version 4.00.6487.2000, which is SP2 with Build Number 6487 and no R2 Installed.

Then I did further troubleshooting in the SMSTS.log and I found “The volume that contains the OS is not the active partition. Please consult the product documentation for requirements when capturing an operating system image.”  Did a search in the internet and I found these links:

The System Reserved partition created during the installation of Windows 7 reference machine confuses the task sequence. Therefore the resolution is to remove the System Reserved partition first. Then only capture the Windows 7 using capture media.

To remove the System Reserved partition. First I go to Disk Management and set the OS partition to active. Followed by insert the Windows 7 installation DVD, and restart the computer. Then I boot to the CD, and select Install Now. From the Disk Partition Console, I delete the System Reserved partition (Click X to exit). After that, I launch Startup Repair due to bootmgr missing.

That’s all, after removed the System Reserved partition, the Windows 7 reference image captured beautifully. =)

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