Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Working on a custom Reporting User Role and Custom Security Scope???

Working on a custom limited Reporting User roles with new custom security scope?

Viewing report from Web is working fine but Reports node in Configuration Manager Console showing No items found?

Working on a new custom reporting user role and assign with All/Default security scope to the user/user group would not give you any problem to view the report in Configuration Manager Console. However, if you are also creating a new security scope and limited the user/user group to the new security scope, you would most probably hit the problem of No items found.


Most likely you will have the configuration similar to the screen captured above. Limiting the user/user group to a collection and also with a new Security Scope.

Click on Associate assigned security roles with specific security scope and collections. Then select your custom Reporting user role and click Edit

Click on Add, and add the Default Security Scope

The Default security scope will then link to the custom reporting user role

Not to forget, most of us could forget this. When we creating a custom reporting user role, we copy the Read-only Analyst and removing all settings except Run Report. Please remember that it still require minimum Read permission on Site else you will hit the problem of No items found.

Bye bye No items found!!!!!