Thursday, March 25, 2010

Export Data From Queries

I am creating the computer information list from queries rather than typing all the information one by one. First of all, I will create a new query list with a few of attributes. And then I will export the list to desktop and save as text file.

Under the Site Database, Computer Management, right click Queries and select New Query.
Insert the name, comment (optional) , and select the collection listing. And then click on the Edit Query Statement.

Click the yellow star button to open the Result Properties Windows.
On Result Properties Windows, click select.
On Select Attribute Windows, leave the "Attribute Class" and "Alias as" as default, select Name for  "Attribute". Followed by click OK twice.
Repeat the step above and select SMS Unique Identifier and MAC Addresses for the "Attribute".
Click OK twice to finish.
(There are many Attributes to select, you can actually select others attribute to play around.)

Now, browse to the Queries node and you will find the list you created earlier.

To Export the list, you need to go to View tab on the menu bar and click Export List.

Select the destination and save as text file.

This is the text file exported from the queries. I can modify the file and save it under .csv file so that I can add computer using "import computer information from file" option.

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