Monday, April 26, 2010

0000C800 error code on launching APPV Management Console

Today I got an 0000C800 error code on lauching the APPV Management console. The server name and credentials is entered correctly. Besides, the services are running too. I even restarted the machine several times but the error doesn't go away. At last, I disjoin and join back the domain, and the problem solved. Cheers!!!


  1. Hey,

    i dont know if you solved it, but this dit the job for me!

    Started "Sql Server Configuration Manager", under "SQL Server Network Configuration" we enabled "Named Pipes" and "TCP/IP".

    an other solution can you find here, bit it requires reinstalling IIS and .net. The SQL server configuration manager solution is an easy quick fix if it works.

  2. Hi Bram, thanks for your help, but I solved this problem already.

  3. hi Bram,thanks for your help,my problem is solved when I enabled "Named Pipes" and "TCP/IP" under"SQL Server Network Configuration" .And your solution made me convinced in compare to that from others,that is why I applied your solution, thank you again....Amal