Friday, December 24, 2010

Troubleshooting Virtualized Application in Virtualization Environment

Last week, I have been working with a software engineer to troubleshoot an in-house application which is a very old application. I discovered something which I found useful and wanted to share with everyone. There is this command "Sfttray.exe /exe explorer.exe "APPNAME"" that allow you to open the files inside the virtual environment or known as "bubble". Alternately, you use "Sfttray.exe /exe cmd.exe "APPNAME"" if you prefer to troubleshoot in command prompt environment.

*Tips: To save some of your time, you can add the command prompt into your package during the sequencing stage. This works exactly the same like the command above.

After you went into the bubble, you can view the virtual services by launching the taskmgr.exe under windows\system32. These are the services running inside the bubble and have nothing to do with the physical environment. You might want to manually start some virtual services which caused your application not running.

Other than that, you can also make changes of the files inside the bubble. In my case, the software engineer need to modify some configuration files or change some parameters of some files in order to make the application running.

Lastly, my advise to you is PLEASE ask someone who is very knowlegeable and experieced to do the troubleshooting with you.

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