Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MED-V Step by Step Setup Guide | Part 3: MED-V Client and Management Console

This is the last part of MED-V Step by Step Setup Guide which will cover the MED-V Client and Management Console installation. I will perform this installation in a Windows 7 operating system with 1.5 GB of memory. You need to have a machine with minimum of 1.5 GB memory in order to perform this installation. FYI, MED-V Client and Management Console only support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 with minimum of 1.5 GB memory.

First of all, we’ll need to install Virtual PC 2007 SP1 located inside the MED-V folder and the required updates within the same folder.

After you’ve installed Virtual PC 2007 and all the required updates, execute the MED-V Client installer to kick start the setup. After you executed the installer, a prerequisites will check if you passed all the requirements.

MEDV MGMT 1Click Next on the Welcome page

MEDV MGMT 2Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next

MEDV MGMT 3Click Next on the Destination Folder page. Of course you can change the location by clicking Change.

MEDV MGMT 4On the MED-V Settings page, tick Install the MED-V Management application and also rename the Server address to you MED-V Server name. For instance, MEDVSVR is my MED-V Server name.

*If you wanted to install the MED-V Client for user only, DON’T tick Install the MED-V management application.

MEDV MGMT 5Click Install to start the installation.

MEDV MGMT 6After the installation completed, un-tick Launch Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization and then click Finish.

Next, launch MED-V Management under All Programs\MED-V to start the MED-V Management Console.

MEDV MGMT 17Enter the User name and Password.

MEDV MGMT 18Now you can manage all the virtualized desktop with this newly installed MED-V Management Console.

Cheers~!!! You have just completed the setup. Sadly that I won’t cover the administration and operation in this MED-V Step by Step Setup Guide, maybe in near future. See you~!!!

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