Monday, March 14, 2011

Toad 9 Sequencing Recipe

Before you begin with the sequencing, please make an appointment with the application team or person in charge of this application. You need to do it with them because they know the installation and configuration of their environment better than you.

1. Create a folder named Toad in Q drive of your sequencing virtual machine.
2. Launch the Virtualization Sequencer to create a new package.
3. Key-in the package name and begin monitoring on Q:\Toad
4. Begin the installation with Oracle client. Oracle 9i was used in this case.
5. Change the Oracle client installation path to Q:\Toad\oracle\ora92
6. After the installation completed, copy the .ORA files neccessary to Q:\Toad\oracle\ora92\network\ADMIN
7. After the configuration is done, begin the Toad installation.
8. Change the Toad installation destination path to Q:\Toad
9. Launch Toad in the physical environment after the installation completed
10. Enter the Authorazation Code and do the configuration needed
11. Check the TNS Database dropdown menu to confirm Toad is linking with the .ORA file
12. Do not try to login with any username. If you do that, the username will appear in virtual environment because it is still under monitoring step
13. Close Toad and stop monitoring
14. Choose the shortcut needed and remove those not required
15. Test launch Toad in virtual environment
16. Change the Protocol, Path, Hostname, and select the Operating System required
17. UNCHECK the Enforce Security Descriptor
18. Save the package to your content folder

Done... Now you're good in cooking Toad already. Happy cooking Chef~!!!

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