Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sendsched.vbs in SCCM Tools

This script helps us do our job faster!!! For example, you can trigger the AMT provision cycle instantly rather to wait the AMT provision schedule to run every hour. To operate this script, you just need to enter the correct key followed by the computer name. For instance to trigger the AMT cycle, c:\Windows\SCCMTools\sendsched.vbs {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000120} PC123. You can refer the key below to suit your need.

Hardware Inventory Collection Task


Software Inventory Collection Task


Heartbeat Discovery Cycle


Software Inventory File Collection Task


Request Machine Policy Assignments


Evaluate Machine Policy Assignments


Refresh Default MP Task


Refresh Location Services Task


Location Services Cleanup Task


Software Metering Report Cycle


Source Update Manage Update Cycle


Policy Agent Cleanup Cycle


Request Machine Policy Assignments


Certificate Maintenance Cycle


Peer Distribution Point Status Task


Peer Distribution Point Provisioning Status Task


Compliance Interval Enforcement


Software Updates Agent Assignment Evaluation Cycle


Send Unsent State Messages


State Message Manager Task


Force Update Scan


AMT Provision Cycle


For more information, you can refer to this link.

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