Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OSD Experience | Dual boot Win XP / Win 7 & Fedora

Like what I mentioned above, this post is all about my OSD experience from my project on dual boot OS with either Windows XP or Windows 7 and Fedora. The machines of the existing environment has three partition, and we would like to maintain the settings. The first partition is Windows OS, second partition is the data for Windows, and the third partition is for Fedora. Besides that, all the machines are the same model and same specs.Our challenge here is to maintain the existing settings, the second partition and the third partition must be maintained.

First of all, we will need to capture a reference image for both Windows XP and Windows 7. Both Windows are loaded with drivers, patches, and also installed with applications needed. My advise to you is to prepare a checklist and you prepare the reference image accordingly.

After your reference image is ready, capture the reference image with the capture media. Remember that your reference image cannot joined to the domain, and if you’re capturing Windows XP, please place the sysprep folder to C:\. Add the reference image to your SCCM server, then update it to the desired DP.

Prepare a task sequence by selecting Install an existing image package. Remove the second task (Partition Disk) in the task sequence. This step is to avoid the existing partition settings from being deleted because we need to remain the Fedora partition. Advertise the task sequence to the desired collection after you finished edit the task sequence.

After the OSD completed, your machine now suppose to has a Windows OS in the first partition, followed by data for the Windows, and last partition is the Fedora OS. Cheers~!!!


  1. Hau, I am trying to create a OSD with Dual boot windows 7, could you please provide us the OSD task sequence steps?

    1. Sorry my email address is

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