Thursday, May 3, 2012

GPO Startup Script is Not Working in Windows XP, but Working in Windows 7

My startup script is working fine in Windows 7 but not working in Windows XP. The script itself is confirm working fine, and this script have been used in many other projects previously. Thinking out of the box, I thought there are some settings or software blocking the vbs script, and hence I created a batch file to call the vbs script. Besides, I also added the server name to the Local Intranet trusted sites, but the luck is not with me. All I’ve tried were not working and these have drive me crazy for while until I found this post.

Solution: Enable the “Run startup scripts asynchronously” setting under Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Scripts in your GPO.

By default, the system wait for each startup script to complete before it runs the next startup script. After the setting enabled, the system does not coordinate the running of startup scripts. As a result, startup script can run simultaneously.

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  1. Thanks - same problem here - your post got me past the issue.