Monday, September 24, 2012

Advertised Program is Not Being Downloaded

The other day, I was bumped into this weird problem that the newly created software, “Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1” is not being downloaded after the agent received the advertisement. The others advertised programs were working fine without any error. The way I create the package, deployment method are all the same with others packages. With the luck I have, I found this link.

“BITS goes through IIS on the distribution point. So check the logs on the DP. (C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1). Check the newest log and the latest entries. Here is mine:

2011-02-18 16:22:42 HEAD /SMS_DP_SMSPKGD$/00100028/WEBCAM_X64_10/BIN/AS_Storage_w32.dll – 80 – Microsoft+BITS/7.5 404 8 0 199
The key here is the code at the end. I have a 404 error. Another common scenario is a 401 error. The number directly after is the subcode, i.e. 404.8 in my case.”
quoted from the link.

I’ve the similar problem with the author. Mine error is look like.

“2012-09-18 03:11:40 HEAD /SMS_DP_SMSPKGC$/CR100056/Program+Files/Symantec/Name/Version/Bin/SymRedir.dll - 80 - Microsoft+BITS/7.5 404 8 0 217”

According to Microsoft support link, 404.8 - Hidden namespace. I followed the solution from the link.
1. Look for applicationHost.config file under C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config
2. Make a backup copy of the applicationHost.config
3. Open the applicationHost.config with notepad
4. Search for “hiddenSegments”
5. Under the <hiddenSegments applyToWebDAV="true">, delete the <add segment="bin" /> entry.
6. Save the changes

The download finally begins after the changes have been made. However, not long after that, the download stopped at 15%.

I went back to the logfile and I found new error, “2012-09-18 03:43:44 HEAD /SMS_DP_SMSPKGC$/CR100056/Program+Files/Symantec/Name/Version/Bin/mfc90dll.1.config - 80 - Microsoft+BITS/7.5 404 7 0 29”

404.7 means File extension denied. From the error, I know that .config is being denied. Therefore, I went back to the applicationHost.config to do verification.

Under the <fileExtensions allowUnlisted="true" applyToWebDAV="true">, I found <add fileExtension=".config" allowed="false" />. After I removed the entry, the package can be fully download already.

Good Luck & Have Fun~!!!

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