Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remote Computer Failed to View Report – Prompt for Credential

I received a call from a customer this morning, saying that he cannot view report from remote computer. He cannot view the report from his computer. Everytime he runs the report, it prompts for credentials. He tried few credentials but still failed to view the report. Below is the fix that I did.

Go to the Reporting Point server. For my case, I go to the SCCM Primary Site because it is a standalone server.
Open IIS, expand Sites\Default Web Site and click SMSReporting_XXX.
Double click Authentication under IIS

Highlight Window Authentication, and click Providers on the Actions pane

On the Providers window, make sure that NTLM is on the top of the list. For my case, Negotiate is on top of the list. I changed NTLM to top of the list.

After the configurations above, my customer is able to view the reports from remote computer again.

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