Friday, January 15, 2016

Client Setup Found HTTPS Distribution Point

Distribution Point can be operating in HTTP mode or HTTPS mode. It is up to your choice on how you set it up. I went to help out this customer with difficulties to push client. Below is what I found out from a computer ccmsetup.log.

The environment here is very small, a Primary Site hosting all the roles with 300+ clients. The ccmsetup.log tells us that it manage to found a distribution point with the address https://sccmserver. Mr.customer confirmed with us that the SCCM is in http mode, not https. 

The setting in the Distribution Point showing the distribution point is operating in HTTPS mode. 

I helped customer to switched it to HTTP mode and repush the SCCM Client. The ccmsetup.log tell us that the system manage to find a distribution point and using BITS to download the client files.

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